Heathrow third runway is backed by report.

The decision in the report, published today to back the controversial third runway at Heathrow airport has brought the topic well and truly back into the headlines. 

However, the report does state that for this project to go ahead it would have to adhere to sever restrictions in order to preserve both noise and environmental impacts. 

This should come as a somewhat light relief to the projects many enemies that a halfway house will have to be reached for any actual work to get started. Mayor of London, Boris Johnson being one of the many high profile people against the project in its entirety stating quite strongly, "It's not going to happen!". 

"This is the litmus test as to whether the UK can make difficult decisions in order to remain a globally competitive city" - Sir Bernard Davies

So what are the pro's for the proposed third runway? 

Well, fairly simply it is all about connecting the UK to more hubs of commerce throughout the rest of the world. It would open up direct connections with another 40 global destinations. 

It would help create a growth in the economy of the UK to the tune of £147bn with the addition of over 70,000 new jobs by 2050. 

So not the longest list of positive's but from a financial point of view they make some strong reading. 

However, with any positives come the negative. 

The main objections come in the form of the extra noise pollution and the negative environmental impact the extended airport would create. As with anything, if it gets bigger there will be more planes, more people and more cars and buses transporting people and freight to and from the airport. This leads to multiple problems including, more traffic, increased pollution both in terms of noise and environment. 

On top of the obvious two issues there is also the fact of nearly 800 homes being demolished in order to accommodate the expansion. This comes at a time when there is a housing shortage already within the UK! 

The final, elephant in the room however, is the enormous cost that it would take in order to deliver this runway. It would cost £17.6bn to actually build the runway itself. If you also include the work required to improve roads and other transport links that would be nearer £23 billion! Which doesn't sound so great when you consider adding an additional runway to Gatwick airport would be around £16 billion less!! That saving could defiantly be used to help other areas of the country that need it! 

On the plus side this is due to be funded by private finance so we shouldn't have to dig to deep.... yet!! 

Posted by James on July 1st 2015

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