It's the hottest day of the year!!!

Today is the hottest day since records began! At this point I want to try and clear something up. Does anyone actually know when the records did begin, because it seems that whenever something out of the ordinary happens, wind, rain, heat there is nothing like it on record!!!  So, just for the record, today reached a massive 36.7 degrees this afternoon around Heathrow!

I am not 100% sure that was due to purely the weather or actually to do with the amount of hot air that was being blown apart the potential 3rd runway!! Obviously that has been gathering a great deal of air time today, ever since it was decided that it would be good for the economy if the airport where to have a new runway constructed.

A tricky time for the Prime Minister indeed, especially if he gives the go ahead for the work to start it would go completely against his pledge last year. Lets hope that the hot weather doesn't cause him to make any rash decisions! Just for reference, being hot and bothered can lead to the making of bad decision, frustration and overall grumpiness! 

Either way, these temperatures as always have caused a number of issues elsewhere!

Network Rail have urged trains to slow down, due to potential 'buckling' of tracks! Wimbledon has been played with the roof partially closed to guard the massive center court crowds, and also the players, from the searing heat of the British summer. 

When are we going to embrace the weather? When it is hot, put your shorts on, have a BBQ and enjoy it. We will soon hear when it changes to cold, wet and windy how people hate that as well and it causes even more problems!! 

Lets all stop worrying about the weather, what it's doing, what it's not and get out there and make the most of it! Let get busy living and start our adventure today!! 

Posted by James on July 1st 2015

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