About us

I’m Busy Living has a very simple concept, we want to create an online community focusing on supporting local people and projects. Everyday people face adversity in their lives, whether young or old, married or single problems have no boundaries or manners!! They don’t ask to come along, they just arrive!

Here at IBL we want to create the first content lead community focused on people helping people. Meet people in your community, who have been through and overcome similar issues to you and share tips, hints, guides as to how to overcome any form of adversity in your life.

With this in mind, we want to use a percentage of advertising revenue from the site to create our very own ImBusyLiving Foundation, something that we can put back into communities and help support the projects, people and families that need it most. Essentially, the more people that use the site, the more advertising revenue is generated and therefore the more we can put back into local communities and charities.

For more information please contactus@imbusyliving.co.uk

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